Ausganica founder Moreen Liao began her professional journey in aromatherapy, scent creation and organic skin, body and hair care in 1997.

In the years leading to 2007, Moreen drew from her network of hair specialists, skin care experts, herablists, growers and suppliers of quality organic and natural ingredients to form her own brand Ausganica, which stands for "Australian Organic Care.

Ausganica products do not contain synthetic fragrances, colours or other additives, masking agents or fillers. Ausganica is paraben and sulfate free. Ausganica is not tested on animals and is Certified by Choose Cruelty Free.

Ausganica is manufactured in a Certified Organic facility that is approved by both the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) Standard and the OFC (Organic Food Chain) Standard in Sydney, Australia. All certified products Ausganica makes carry the relevant Certified Organic logo.

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Ausganica - Damage Relief Shampoo
Ausganica - Flake Waiver Shampo
Ausganica - Hair Detox Shampoo
Ausganica - Lavender Hair & Body Travel Kit 4-in-1
Ausganica - Lavender Soothing Conditioner
Ausganica - Lavender Soothing Hand/Body Lotion
Ausganica - Lavender Soothing Hand/Body Wash
Ausganica - Lavender Soothing Shampoo
Ausganica - Lemon Myrtle Purifying Conditioner
Ausganica - Lemon Myrtle Purifying Shampoo
Ausganica - Litsea Cubeba Volumizing Conditioner
Ausganica - Litsea Cubeba Volumizing Shampoo
Ausganica - Root Strength Shampoo 250ml
Ausganica - Rose Body Lotion
Ausganica - Rose Body Wash
Ausganica - Rose Cleansing Oil
Ausganica - Rose Conditioner
Ausganica - Rose Elixir
Ausganica - Rose Emulsion
Ausganica - Rose Eye Cream
Ausganica - Rose Eye Serum
Ausganica - Rose Facial Cream
Ausganica - Rose Facial Serum
Ausganica - Rose Foaming Cleanser
Ausganica - Rose Geranium Nourishing Conditioner
Ausganica - Rose Geranium Nourishing Hand/Body Lotion
Ausganica - Rose Geranium Nourishing Hand/Body Wash
Ausganica - Rose Geranium Nourishing Shampoo
Ausganica - Rose Hair & Body Travel Kit 4-in-1
Ausganica - Rose Hand Cream
Ausganica - Rose Hip Balm
Ausganica - Rose Hip Oil
Ausganica - Rose Hydrating Mist
Ausganica - Rose Shampoo
Ausganica - Rose Toner
Ausganica - Silky Milk Conditioner
37 results
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