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BottleMate Bottle Opener


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Place BottleMate over the top of your bottle, push down and Boom your bottle is opened!
BottleMate is the original Sentol bottle opener and is manufactured in Japan.
Dimensions: diameter: 5.2cm, height: 9cm, weight: 96g.
BottleMate comes packaged in a small box.

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BottleMate is the coolest bottle opener you will ever see! It opens all types of crown and screw bottle tops quickly and with ease. It makes opening bottles fun! Finally the Sentol Japanese Bottle Opener has arrived in Australia. Originally invented in 1981, this was the original the BottleMate is based off of. Sentol means 'take off cap' in Japanese, and when you push, click and pop with your BottleMate, you'll understand why! Its ingenious design is so simple and has a massive "Wow Factor"! One quick push and the bottle top is gone! The inbuilt magnet even captures the bottle top for you. Thrilling Japanese audiences for over thirty years, this is the perfect thing to draw a crowd at a party with. The Sentol family of bottle openers truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Japanese-idea, Australian execution

Australia is the perfect country for Sentol-style openers. We've tested similar products from all around the world, and we agree - what became the BottleMate was the clear standout. With such a high standard of quality, disappointing imitations are common. Don't be fooled by them; make sure you're getting the real deal by ordering direct from BottleMate. Great for people suffering from hand injuries or with disabilities affecting fine motor control. Twisting off even 'easy-open' bottle tops can be hard for certain people, but the BottleMate makes opening a bottle a joy instead of a chore. No more hand strains or sharp lids cutting into your palm. Just a cool, refreshing drink whenever you want

Although BottleMate is extremely easy to use, it does a take a tiny bit of practice to get the technique correct. Follow the instructions below and you will not have any problems:

 1 .Make sure the bottle is on a firm flat surface

 2 .Place BottleMate over the top of the bottle 

 3. Ensure the BottleMate is positioned vertically 

 4. Push down firmly and quickly

 5 .The bottle top is removed and captured by the inbuilt magnet 

 6. Enjoy your beverage and tell your mates!

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  • For customers in NSW, SA, ACT, approximately 3 - 5 working days;
  • For customers in VIC, approximately 4 - 8 working days;
  • For customers in QLD, NT and TAS, approximately7 - 10 working days.

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